Sangha – a Community of Awareness

The Sanskrit term Sangha in Buddhist terminology stands for “assembly, crowd or community”.

The Sangha is one of the three pillars of the inner path, along with Buddha (teacher) and Dharma (teaching). It is a spiritual principle that can appear in the consciousness of a person of the inner path.

It is about a community of awareness:

People come together to dedicate themselves to self-inquiry, study and share their process, supporting each other on their path.

This type of community is open to anyone who is interested and does not impose any conditions regarding a particular form of external commitment. It serves an embedding in human community and as a point of friction that deepens introspection and research. 

“Alone in this – together” is the koan to be explored and experienced. What does it mean for me to be alone AND connected? Which obstacles arise in me? And how can these two essential aspects simultaneously take place in me? Being in a Sangha supports me in this exploration.

„ Sangha, community, represents a spiritual fabric, a network, which is the female aspect of the soul. Community is the rediscovery of the female soul. The female soul is the force within you that connects everything, that interlinks everything and that ultimately makes you realise that everything is connected. And it is precisely this feminine aspect that is especially important for us in the Western world”.

OM C. Parkin

Great Sangha

Discipleship of the Spiritual Master OM C. Parkin

The inner circle of the disciples of the spiritual master OM C. Parkin forms a community that we call the Great Sangha (the community of students in the Mystery School).

The students in the Mystery School meet in local Sangha groups in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. Regular Sangha gatherings are open; anyone interested is welcome to join. They provide companionship and support on the inner path, regardless of whether you are a disciple of a particular teacher, spiritual lineage or tradition. 

The Great Sangha also meets for events at Gut Saunstorf. Here it is all about sharing, exchanging, organising common projects, festivities and meeting each other.

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