OM Foundation Inner Science

„The meaning of human life is the knowledge of the true human nature.“
– Excerpt from the preamble of the OM Foundation Inner Science

The Vision

The vision of the OM Foundation Inner Science is to guard the eternal wisdom teachings, the knowledge of the true human nature and the laws of the evolution of human consciousness, and to make them accessible to spiritual seekers.

At a time when the connection to the Christian religion is increasingly dissolving in our society and a plethora of rational worldviews are taking its place, the need for a religio in the true sense, a reconnection to the soul, is becoming all the clearer. Every seriously pursued spiritual path leads at its core to the realisation of universal, eternal truth, untouched by the zeitgeist and the periphery of religious tradition.

The OM Foundation Inner Science, initiated by the wisdom teacher OM C. Parkin, is founded in this core and opens the door for spiritual seekers into Self-knowledge, into the realisation of the true human nature.

The study of the Perennial Philosophy – the universal essence of all wisdom teachings – as a holistic, experiential path of inner practice is at the centre of the transmission. The purpose of the OM Foundation Inner Science is to open up an integral path of Self-unfolding for the seeker, on which body, soul and mind, the three levels of being, find a natural, healing order.

Inner Science is not a purely mental process, but a method that serves to awaken the entire human potential, of felt love as well as recognised truth. Working on this behalf in an increasingly alienated society is the heartfelt concern of the Foundation and all those working in its name.


Fields of Activities

Under the umbrella of the Foundation, networking takes place with teachers of different spiritual paths such as Advaita, ZEN, Christian mysticism, Sufism and others. Equally, events like darshans and retreats, conferences, lectures and talks on essential topics of eternal philosophy and Self-enquiry are offered. This opens up different approaches to the ONE for people who are searching and teaches them discernment between mind and soul.

The Foundation’s field of activity includes various initiatives that enable people to encounter the wisdom teaching – primarily in personal contact, but also in the digital space -, to develop a still mind and to pursue holistic healing processes. The Gut Saunstorf Monastery and the Gut Saunstorf Monastery Healing Centre, both managed by the Foundation, are the central venue for all Foundation events.

“I am a body, a form and an Essence. As a body I am separate from you, as a form I am in you, as an Essence I am You.“

Swami Dharma Sumiran

Spiritual Education

When the desire for Self-realisation connects with true knowledge, a lived, inner path grows out of it. The possibility to get to know and experience inner, cosmic laws of human unfoldment frees the searching human being from misunderstandings, false identities and half-knowledge, and opens the access into the soul.

It is the concern of the Foundation to provide education in this sense with the methods of meditation, contemplation, self-exploration and awareness training. Under its umbrella, people are educated to apply the methods of Inner Science and to use it for self-realisation.

The Foundation wants to make this experiential path of life accessible to interested people. This requires visibility, communication, natural resonances and the service of the people who work for it.

In working groups, the people involved are developing project concepts – such as international activities, spiritual education offers in schools and universities, dialogues with inner scientists, art from stillness and providing of scholarships – and shaping their implementation. It is a journey that unfolds in unknown ways.


Inner Science

Deepening texts on Inner Science and Perennial Philosophy can be found here >


The events of the OM Foundation Inner Science open a space for one’s own inner encounter with the wisdom teaching. The living transmission of the eternal teaching, which does not change through the ages and thus never loses its relevance, is a precious gift in this day and age. The individual events – such as darshans and retreats, conferences and events of Self-exploration as well as digital formats – offer different approaches to contemplation, stillness and the transmission of true knowledge.