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Through a wide range of articles and videos the media library offers a view into the wisdom teachings, as well as diverse fields of activities and events of the OM Foundation Inner Science.  Amongst these you will find darshan excerpts, interviews and conversations with OM C. Parkin, and other teachers close to our hearts. Also included are impressions from conferences held at the modern monastery and talks from the online series Meditation & Inner Science. Have fun being inspired as you explore and immerse yourself!


Monastery Gut Saunstorf – Place of Stillness

It was in the year 2000 that OM C. Parkin bought the dilapidated manor house, with its 9,000 m² of wooded parkland, about an hour from Hamburg. His intention was to give spiritual seekers and his own students a permanent place to learn and to live out the ONE...

Inner Life from a Wisdom Perspective – Interview with OM C. Parkin

In this interview OM C. Parkin answers to some of the most important questions that seekers on the inner path ask themselves. Q: OM, what is an inner life? OM: An inner life is the only real life. An outer life is an unreal life. An inner life is a life whose...


News & Events

Review of Two Days Dharma Talk Online in June 2023

Review of Two Days Dharma Talk Online in June 2023

From 17-18 June, the OM Inner Science Foundation hosted its first ever English language online event with three awakened teachers, Dharma Talk Online with Unmani, Swami Dharma Sumiran and OM C. Parkin. We look back on a rich and intense weekend! Around 70 people...