From 17-18 June, the OM Inner Science Foundation hosted its first ever English language online event with three awakened teachers, Dharma Talk Online with Unmani, Swami Dharma Sumiran and OM C. Parkin. We look back on a rich and intense weekend!

Around 70 people joined us and experienced the direct transmission of the teachings through these three different forms. People’s dialogues with the three masters and the feedback confirmed how fulfilling and helpful it can be to look at both mind and being from different angles and to access different ways of approaching them, which all converge at the core.

In the abundance of teachings, there were teaching lectures and helpful practice guidelines, guided meditations and individual dialogues, and a flow emerged that connected the individual sequences into a great whole.

Dharma Sumiran guided the participants to let the boundaries between outside and inside dissolve and to perceive what appears to us as masters on the outside within our own inside. “Meeting everything”, Unmani’s message of encountering whatever arises within us in unconditional love and accepting it as deeply human, repeatedly opened the space of self-love beyond all thinking. The theme of the soul culminated in a touching dialogue with OM about the place where the soul can be found as a gateway into Being.

Even though such an online format does not replace a face-to-face encounter, we were amazed by the closeness, the touch and the energetic transfer that took place. The weekend was a great gift, also for our team, and we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts the three teachers for making themselves available for these two days, Mary Angelon Young for touching hearts through her sacred chants, and all the participants for their participation!

In the following, participants report on their experiences.


“Thank you for this unforgettable event! …
The encounter with OM was very touching for me and it is really true that the second part of my question was clarified during this Darshan. I am currently working with “Intelligence of Awakening” and it feels like having found an infinitely precious treasure. … Thank you for your valuable work and your quick feedback. All the best from Austria!”

Thank you for this animating format
The deep emptiness of Sumiran’s words,
the loving words of Unmani,
the wise and instructive words of OM…
The whole pure fullness…
… I am very grateful to have been there!
Warmly, Andrea

“I very much enjoyed the weekend…” Ole

Report by Lukas Weber

When I was asked to write a report on my experiences, I first met with resistance. A little deeper, I feel uncertainty, an insecure tingling in my stomach – OK, I follow it.

The meeting begins.

After Beatrice’s greeting, Unmani leads into meditation. As I close my eyes, I immediately sink into the depth. Her guidance inspires me to just let go. I experience a peaceful, thoughtless stillness.

Sumiran then joins us. He talks about complexities of awakening, which I convulsively try to comprehend. At some point I give up, completely exhausted and frustrated. I feel tension in my body, my head is buzzing and there is already the impulse to flee from this experience. Sumiran talks about the problem being our identification with our concepts. I can see that. As I say goodbye, I feel gratitude, followed by sadness at being cut off.

Afterwards Mary Angelon sings for us. The message of the heart reaches me.

After a short break, we meet with Unmani. She makes it clear right at the beginning: “It can’t be grasped by the mind. The mind cannot know it”. That is good to hear. I can approach the seemingly boring emptiness that is inside me right now, even if it is unpleasant. At the end, Unmani plays a song by her late husband. I am touched by the infinite love that embraces finiteness.

We start the next day with a guided meditation by Sumiran. I find contact again with a peaceful, silent inner space. Thoughts arise, but they do not disturb me. I sink into a deep stillness. The phrase emerges in me, “There is nothing to do.”

In Darshan OM speaks of the tension with which we try to follow the teacher. Then I hear a decisive sentence: “To touch the soul, it is necessary to endure that nothing happens. The ordinary person calls it boredom.”

In the breakout room, I share my struggle with boredom. I can face the impulse to numb myself. This brings relief. In the second round, however, my mind strikes back massively. “Soon the seminar will be over” – and it offers me a surge of activities with which I could then give myself the redeeming blow. Fortunately for me, I can see it clearly at that moment. A question comes up in me: Do you really want to do this? How long do you intend to do this? I realise that I have to make a decision. I want to end this now! The decision is made and at the same moment the temptation dies. Something opens up. I have decided to be here! The evening comes to an end without any more thoughts of escape, and it is good to see and hear all three teachers saying goodbye.

Lukas Weber