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Meeting with Teachers – The Birth of the Lion

Navigating the Wisdom Path

Sun, January 21 | Live on YouTube or Zoom

In our new YouTube live programme Meeting with Teachers – Navigating the Wisdom Path we will regularly invite teachers and students of different spiritual traditions to talk to us about the path they represent and live. You will receive lively insights into the different paths of the masters, either from them directly or from the perspective of their students, and with that, different approaches to the ONE teaching. In this way you have the opportunity to deepen your own experience and expand your understanding of Dharma.

In the context of the Foundation’s work to facilitate encounters and networking with teachers of different spiritual paths, we want to create an uncomplicated and internationally accessible opportunity for participation and exchange with this format. You can follow the talks live on our YouTube channel or participate interactively via Zoom to ask questions and get involved yourself.

Participation is free, but donations are welcome.

The times are chosen such that people from different time zones can take part: 7 pm CET | 10 am PDT | 9 pm Moscow.

For interactive participation via Zoom go to ‚Anmeldung‘. The Zoom link will be sent by email.


The Birth of the Lion – Non-Duality as a Way of Life

Conversation between OM C. Parkin, Dr. Robert Schmidt and Stuart Goodnick

What could be more appropriate than to start the new format with the ‚Birth of the Lion‘, where the introductory autobiography provides an impressive insight into OM C. Parkin’s awakening process?

In this first broadcast, Dr. Robert Schmidt and Stuart Goodnick, two long-time spiritual practitioners from California and founder of the podcast ‚The Mystical Positivist‘, will be in conversation with OM C. Parkin about his partly autobiographical book ‚The Birth of the Lion‘. They will also read passages from the book, on which OM will then give comment.
At the end, participants who connected via Zoom will have the opportunity to get in touch directly and ask questions, or share their thoughts.


This evening’s dialogue partners

Meeting with Teachers mit Lehrern
“ Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to prevent it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is to remain silent.“

Ramana Maharshi

OM C. Parkin Portrait

OM C. Parkin

The spiritual master OM C. Parkin speaks the language of our hearts. As a wisdom teacher and philosopher, he teaches access to the Great Stillness in the tradition of Ramana Maharshi across all confessions. He embodies the union between the Eastern Non-Duality teaching (advaita) and Christian mysticism. He serves the awakening path of the human being and accompanies students on their way back to the core of their true being.

Rob und Stuart

Rob Schmidt and Stuart Godnick

engaged in long-term, intense, and intimate mystical spiritual training directed by their teacher Robert Daniel Ennis, founder of Tayu Meditation Center. Today Rob and Stuart collaborate to deepen and expand the development of Tayu practices, based upon Fourth Way Self-Observation and Co-Meditation, an innovative two-person meditation practice developed by Mr. Ennis. In 2002 they co-created a spiritual bookstore, Many Rivers Books & Tea, inspired by Mr. Ennis’ insistence on conversation among and between all the world’s spiritual traditions. In 2010, they created the Mystical Positivist podcast, which consists of long-form conversations with authors, teachers, philosophers, and practitioners from all the world’s great spiritual traditions.
In other arenas, Rob earned a Ph.D. in anthropological archaeology from U.C. Berkeley, and along the way co-edited the award-winning volume Archaeologies of Sexuality. Stuart was for decades an engineering manager in a world-wide diversified industrial corporation, and recently performed with a shakuhachi ensemble in Carnegie Hall in New York, as well as in venues across Japan. In recent years, they have both explored and engaged with native indigenous spiritual traditions from California and Africa.

The mystical positivist

The Birth of the Lion

The Birth of the Lion – Navigating the Wisdom Path

In his introductory autobiography, OM C. Parkin shares an extraordinary account of awakening to REALITY after a harrowing experience of near death and his subsequent meeting of his teacher Gangaji.

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Start 7 pm CET, 10 am PDT, 9 pm Moscow



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Live on YouTube or Zoom

Meeting with Teachers will be broadcasted free of charge on the YouTube channel of the OM Foundation Inner Science.

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So, 21. Januar 2024


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