Ambient Concert | with Mathias Grassow

Music elevates, ennobles and transports the soul

Thu, 01 August 2024 | Gut Saunstorf Monastery

Mathias Grassow, a world-renowned artist of ambient music, returns to Gut Saunstorf Monastery for a live concert this summer. We look forward to an evening of multi-layered, spherical soundscapes that will allow you to get in touch with yourself and reconnect with your soul.

Mathias Grassow on his music:

“The special thing about live music is that when I adapt to the audience, it creates its own synergy and becomes a unique, unrepeatable concert. I follow the tradition of Indian RAGA music, especially from North India, and the ancient path of NADA Yoga, which is rarely celebrated today.”
Manny modern Troubadours

Mathias Grassow

Musical mystic and drone musician Mathias Grassow started out playing guitar and drums in rock bands. After taking his first musical steps on drums and guitar in the late 70s, his attention was drawn to electronic music, particularly to ambient music. The world-famous reference work EL-HADRA, created with his mentor Klaus Wiese (who died in 2009) and tabla player Ted De Jong, is considered both a standard and a classic of spiritual music.
Mathias Grassow is one of the pioneers and outstanding artists of drone ambient music. He specialises in expressive, introspective, often dark, minimalist soundscapes of particular spiritual intensity. In recent years he has increasingly focused on the meditative and healing aspects of music. While Mathias produces most of his sounds electronically, he is also a multi-instrumentalist, using singing bowls, tamboura, zither, flutes and overtone singing to create his soundscapes.

Practical Information


Start 8.00 pm, end 10.00 pm

With ticket office – please arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the event.


25,00 €


Gut Saunstorf Monastery - Place of Stillness
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The modern Monastery Gut Saunstorf - Place of Stillness, located near the German city of Schwerin, is dedicated to retreat and contemplation. It invites seekers of every confession and tradition to rediscover their own inner stillness in meetings with OM C. Parkin, at events or simply in a time of introspection and meditation.

Additional Information

“The Rift in Time” is an audio text written and spoken by OM C. Parkin with background music by the ambient artist Mathias Grassow.

To the audio


Thu, 1. August 2024


8:00 pm


€ 25


- the on-site ticket office will open one hour before the start of the event,
– Kasse öffnet eine Stunde vor Beginn


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