Concert MANNY-Modern Troubadours

Music elevates, ennobles and transports the soul

Sat, 27. July 2024 | Gut Saunstorf Monastery

We are delighted to have Manny join us at the monastery for the third year in a row. We appreciate the growing connection between the communities of our teachers Lee Lozowick and OM C. Parkin.

Music is the universal medium of the sacred and can be the ultimate expression of beauty. This band proves it: France’s music scene has more to offer than “just” chansons.

Manny exude their very own charm and positively confuse. Because if you only think of chansons when you hear “French”, you’ve come to the wrong place. Of course, they also have those on their set list. However, the band’s sound cannot be pinned down to one style, as styles and tempos are mixed even within songs.

In addition to their own compositions, Manny is one of the last bands to set texts by the American wisdom teacher Lee Lozowick to music. The profound truths and everyday teachings, the unaffected power of these songs convey an authenticity, a disarming freshness that goes straight to the heart, as a powerful legacy for today’s world so desperate for genuine spiritual nourishment.

The poetic phrase “annihilated by love” describes the natural vulnerability of the awakened state, which leaves the innate nature of the visionary or seer open to the searing, transformative fire of love. Being annihilated by love is a way of life in which the innate wisdom of Sahaja expresses itself through an individual.

Through direct experience, we realize that we are one with every other aspect of life. Another way of expressing the felt experience of the Buddha’s teaching, “All life is suffering”, is reflected in everyday conversation when we might say, “I feel bad” or “I have the blues”.

Manny modern Troubadours
Reality is love, and we are so completely destroyed by love that we can no longer defend ourselves against it.

Lee Lozowick

Lee Lozowick – Music as Sacred Art

Creativity is a hallmark of the Western Bauls. True to the spirit of the Baul, American spiritual Baul teacher Lee Lozowick unleashed his personal love of music to embrace the transformative power inherent in all forms of music.

A prolific lyricist, he founded the first of several rock and blues bands in 1987, beginning a lifelong love affair with encoding and transmitting the teachings through lyrics and the power of contemporary musical performance. Lee’s lyrics point to a seamless whole of many parts working together in harmonious concert to bring us to Bhava.

“To find Bhava is to discover our own broken heart. To find Bhava is to have “a wound that only God can heal”.

‘The only thing that interests me about any of you is the part that never loses its connection to the Divine.” This is a quote from Lee Lozowick’s book Alchemy of Transformation, published by advaitaMedia in German (Die Alchemie der Wandlung).

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Start 8.00 pm, end 10.00 pm

With evening ticket office – please arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the event.



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Additional Information

Manny – that’s multi-faceted pop-folk-rock music and chansons, with meaningful, sometimes tender, sometimes provocative lyrics, in French, English and Spanish. Full of poetry, with a lot of humour, depth and at the same time light-hearted. Here is a video recording of the concert from two years ago at the Gut Saunstorf Monastery.

Additional Information

Mary Anglon Young – a disciple of Lee Lozowick, is one of the speakers at this year’s ‘Knowledge and Devotion’ conference, which takes place in September at the Gut Saunstorf Monastery.

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Sat, 27. July 2024


8:00 pm


€ 30


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