From June 14-16, a special weekend took place at the Gut Saunstorf Monastery:

The OM Foundation Inner Science hosted Robin Bloor from Austin, Texas, a speaker who comes from the direct lineage of G.I. Gurdjieff. Bloor has been passing on Gurdjieff’s teachings and work, which open essential perspectives on the path to human liberation, to seekers of the path for decades.

Eighty people filled the ‚Great Hall‘, listening to the complex discussions on the ‘Ray of Creation’ and the ‘Nature of Man.’ It was quite a challenge to follow Gurdjieff’s cosmology and absorb the density of information. Yet, it was evident that here was someone speaking from his own experience, with great humility and a desire and awareness to serve. This combination gave the weekend great depth, allowing participants to receive what they heard with their hearts.

With his internalised knowledge, profound humanity, and a good dose of British humor, Robin touched the hearts of the participants. Many a dialogue found ist continuation in relaxed late-evening discussions by the fireplace.

The highlight of the weekend, ‘Drinking Tea’, an informal conversation between OM C. Parkin and Robin Bloor, summarised essential aspects of the teachings of the Fourth Way, identified differences, and clarified definitions. OM emphasised the duality of human beings: a true one, originating from the soul, and a machine, with which they are identified. Getting to know this machine and looking it in the eye requires will, courage, and effort.

The Movements classes with Ekant Jürgen Billing were an enriching and soothing conclusion to the programme. In a quiet, calm manner, and without unnecessary words, Ekant guided the movements, allowing participants to experience, sometimes like machines, sometimes in the collective weaving of a life’s tapestry, the impact of the Sacred Dances on the entire system. Vanya Klauß’s live piano accompaniment added a wonderful and vibrant touch to this experience.

We are delighted that this event has furthered the international networking efforts and borne additional fruit!

Participant’s Testimonials

The weekend was subtitled “An Introduction to the Teachings of the Fourth Way,” and I can say for myself that I merely dipped my toe into an exceedingly complex topic. I didn’t grasp much of Gurdjieff’s teachings, but I had a brief flash of insight that hinted at the genius and clarity of this man. The highly structured and clear presentation by Robin Bloor, along with his typically British dry humour and approachable manner, greatly aided my understanding. Here is someone who has studied, internalised, and digested these teachings while remaining open-minded.

These days have, in a way, broadened my perspective on the idea that “everything is connected”—from the smallest elements out into the cosmos, truly beyond my earthly horizon. I find the concept that we are nourishment for the moon quite intriguing! The notion of objective music is fascinating. The classification of different types of people and levels of consciousness continues to interest me, although I lost track when it came to the hydrogen tables.

The connection with the Movements, led by Ekant J. Billing and his wife, highlighted for me the sophistication with which Gurdjieff trained attention and alertness.

However, it was the conversation between OM and Robin that moved me the most. I found myself falling into a state of simplicity, and something within me reconnected. I am grateful to my teacher for continually putting things back into place! And I am keen to discover what is essential in Gurdjieff’s teachings for the path of knowledge. I want to continue on this journey.

I greatly appreciate that the Foundation provides us with this form of contact and exchange. It is a gift! Thank you.

Deva P.

Explore the Machine…

…if you don’t know it, you have no chance… and ‘you will simply be food for the moon’. – Clear words!

What a multifaceted, educational, contradictory, encounter-rich, lively weekend!

What touched me the most was that, in my perception, OM had a counterpart, a conversation partner, in Robin Bloor. This was most evident during the concluding ‘Drinking Tea’ on Sunday morning.

During Robin’s two talks, I often simply didn’t know… Okay, not with the head (which finds it fascinating). What is real? – I am sitting here.

The movements and brief glimpses into other aspects of Gurdjieff’s work were joyful, light, and… when too many different things (feet, arms, upper body) were involved at once, I lost track.

There was even space in this dense programme for encounters with fellow travellers and also with people who were at the Gut Saunstorf Monastery for the first time.

Thank you!

Verena P.